About Me

I'm Ben, a professional web developer based in Boston, Lincolnshire. I have worked as a full-stack PHP developer for 15 years, and am passionate about the industry and have been able to turn my passion and hobby into a living. I'm also an avid member of the open source community, and regularly contribute to a number of projects online, as well as maintaining some of my own.

I decided to create this site as a place to store my various projects, musings and ideas on all things web dev based.


I've long been a fan of the flexibility and scope that Wordpress offers to site owners and developers. Its extensive plugin API and theme repository make it the obvious choice for content-rich portfolio sites such as this. However, Wordpress can be slow at times, challenging on a server and sometimes just plain annoying. Having used it as the platform for my own personal blog and various other projects in the past, I decided it was time to move away in favour of a more suitable solution, and came across Grav. Grav offers a slightly different approach to the standard CMS implementation, using a flat-file system to deliver dynamic content.